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    • On sale!

    Leather set mobile


    The perfect set to get leather motorbike seats and bicycle saddles, leather surfaces in cars or caravans, leather bags etc. ready for the next tour.

    • On sale!

    Upholstery set mobile


    The perfect set to get upholstery in the car, caravan, bicycle trailer etc. ready for the next tour.

    • On sale!

    Window Pane set


    Get windows and mirrors cleaned quickly. Ensure a clear view and streak-free windows while driving with the combination of Glass Cleaner and Pro Cloth Plus (windscreen cleaning inside) and the Windscreen Cleaner Concentrate (windscreen cleaning outside). 

    • On sale!

    Starter set mobile


    Highly effective and protective of material: The set reliably removes dirt and gives an absolutely high-gloss shine to all outer areas of the vehicle – without leaving a lubricant film behind.

    • On sale!

    Wheel Rim Cleaner set


    The set quickly removes stubborn dirt from all types of wheel rims and is absolutely eco-friendly and protective of material.

    • On sale!

    Combi set mobile


    Car and rim cleaning combined! The Combi set combines everything needed for the care of the entire "family fleet".

    Now with practical Bucket tray free!

    • On sale!

    Camper set


    The combination of green fibre and our high-performance special cleaner removes road dirt, tree resin, bird droppings and other stubborn soiling quickly and thoroughly.

    • On sale!

    High-Gloss Shampoo, 2 l canister

    €23.90 (11,95/1 l)

    For a perfect deep shine! The 2-phase shampoo with cleaning and shine phase thoroughly removes all typical street dirt, cares for the treated surface and leaves a smooth, highly reflecting paint.

    • On sale!

    Wheel Rim Cleaner, 2 l canister

    €25.40 (12,7/1 l)

    Brings a bright shine to all wheel rims. The acid-free cleaner removes brake abrasion and other stubborn dirt quickly and easily – and is extremely gentle on the surface.

    • On sale!

    Caravan Cleaner, 2 l canister

    €21.90 (10,95/1 l)

    Extremely powerful! Whether street dirt, tree resin or bird droppings – our highly efficient special cleaner removes even the most stubborn dirt.