Window Wiper, 25 cm

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After window cleaning, the wiper dries the glass surface quickly and thoroughly, without leaving mist or streaks.


Moisten the cleaning fibre of the Window-Washer with water, wipe off the excess water, add cleaning agent (Power-Cleaner, Intensive-Cleaner) if required and clean the window from top to bottom in a figure-of-eight motion. Remove stubborn spots using the blue fibre at the edge of the Window-Washer. Then remove the water streak-free using the Window-Wiper. Here, hold the Window-Washer under the Window-Wiper to ensure that no water drips onto the floor.

  • For fast, streak-free cleaning of windows and glass – particularly in the case of large and elevated surfaces
  • The blue fibre, on one side of the Window-Washer, is used to remove even tough dirt (i.e. insect faeces)in a single action, without the need to switch devices.
  • Available in two working widths: 25 cm and 35 cm
  • Break-resistant, durable and robust thanks to the plastic and stainless steel used
  • Simple replacement of the Cleaning-cover (Window-Washer), stainless steel track and Rubber-Lip (Window-Wiper)
  • Spare parts can be ordered separately
  • Windows, inside and outside
  • Glass
  • Glass cladding
  • Large windows, elevated windows

Stainless steel, plastic

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